The animation is more pervasive than many people realize. It takes lots of writing, designing, drawing and composing. The recipe for the success of our videos is that we add a little piece of love at every stage of production

  • Script writing
    By combining recognisable elements from popular myths, legends and novels with evolving technology; we are creating the stories with unforgettable experience for the viewers
  • Storyboards
    With an experience of hundreds of stories made for TV, we can quickly draw storyboard to test if a story idea works. From a simple video animation to a very complex TV show or film
  • Illustrations
    Illustrations give you understanding of what style and colour schema your animation will be. You could also use characters or elements from illustrations for your blog or site
  • Video animation
    A video is worth a thousand words, and an animation video even better. Our animators are the best and make works impressive and enchanting for the viewers
  • Infographics and animated infographics
    We know how tell a great story using colour schemes, typography and icons in harmony. This is fundamental thing for successfull animated infographic video
  • Motion design
    In some cases, It could be difficult to convey abstract ideas, so we help to transform these complicated concepts into telling videos
  • Character design
    Character design is the fruit of the well- designed biography and story embodied in artistic concept. We love to breathe life into the shape and body of the characters
  • Sound design
    From catchy sound idents to full music compositions we have it covered. Whatever your musical needs, Moonwake agency works with the best composers
  • Film and TV
    Really, It does not matter what line of business you are in, Moonwake agency creates intro and outros both for brands and TV show or films
  • Animatics
    Animatics are the best tool for testing TV commercials and music videos. Animatics will perfectly illustrate and emphasize the idea presented in the storyboard
  • Comics
    Comics have the best features of literature and graphic design because they perfectly represent both forms simultaneously: graphic and verbal ones
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