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We holdthe process

A whiteboard animation, motion graphics, or character animation, it doesn't matter. The highest quality and original style are the things we propose to you. We consult, propose, and guid.

Example of


Is it clear

The only way to be understood by your audience is to be resonated with. The technically superior product is not the only stuff we propose. We are't just a family, we create, engage and make you happy.

Keep in touch

B2B and B2C, both we work close with. We bring you through the each part of creative process. We don't mind if you want to be informed about your product process developing, so we constantly keep in touch.
where to use
1. Illustration
2. Motion design
3. Animation
4. Script writing
5. Storyboards
6. Character design
PROCESS of creation
Moonwake agency were amazing to work with. They had an excellent workflow that was quick and easy. The process and attention to detail were highly impressive.
Joel Reymont
CEO, Stegos AG
Despite a time zone difference, Moonwake team responds promptly, assisting a smooth collaboration. Each member of the Moonwake agency including art director and designer was exceptionally easy to work with.
Bilbo Sergio
Owner of Be Happy 24
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