MOONWAKE is a mix of laid back atmosphere, a strong team, and some serious creative chops!

About Studio

We are always looking for outstanding stories.
Assembling the best talent under one roof is the only way to make real animation masterpieces from your best stories.
An impression of any character based on details: the size of eyes, length of coat, the way his dog moves, etc.
We hone every detail until you become a part of the imaginary hero's world.
Moonwake agency were amazing to work with. They had an excellent workflow that was quick and easy. The process and attention to detail were highly impressive.
Joel Reymont
CEO, Stegos AG
Despite a time zone difference, Moonwake team responds promptly, assisting a smooth collaboration. Each member of the Moonwake agency including art director and designer was exceptionally easy to work with.
Bilbo Sergio
Owner of Be Happy 24